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Strategic HR Hawaii

Outside>In Thinking

Create capabilities today to meet the talent challenges of tomorrow.

Strategic HR Hawaii, LLC is a human resources consulting firm, dedicated to helping organizations build a sustainable competitive advantage through strategic human resources initiatives. I am committed to helping you develop a more strategic, outside>in perspective regarding talent management issues faced by all organizations, large or small.

One definition of "strategic" is making sound business decisions about the allocation of scarce resources.  My objective is to help your organization become more self-sufficient in assessing and prioritizing the talent implications of the corporate strategy, the impact of external factors, and approaches to closing capability gaps that will hinder effective strategy execution.​

I will help you to develop comprehensive solutions and associated success measures that are tailored to your organization's priority business needs. Whether you’re looking to improve basic HR processes (e.g., talent acquisition, development, retention / engagement, and total rewards programs), or are interested in developing more strategic solutions (e.g., leadership development, succession planning, workforce analytics, or strategic workforce planning), consider me a resource and your partner to help you reach your goals.  Don't settle for following other organizations.  They may not even know where they're going!  Instead, be a human resources thought leader and take the lead.  I'd love to work with you and show you how!


"Strategic thinking rarely occurs spontaneously."

(Michael Porter, business strategist and author)

Why Strategic HR Hawaii?

Unlike most other HR consulting firms, Strategic HR Hawaii focuses on HR strategy alignment, prioritization of initiatives, execution and results.  Rather than wait for a situation to arise and then react, we help your HR team develop the capacity to anticipate and proactively meet the challenges of the increasingly complex talent market.

With an Outside>In Thinking approach we'll help you develop an aligned and integrated HR strategy that achieves your organization's strategic intent and meets the expectations of your C-Suite Executives.


We'll help your HR team develop best practice workforce solutions that will set your company apart from the competition.

Workforce Solutions


Strategic Workforce Planning

 By analyzing the gap between current talent and future requirements, organizations can create a plan to address any identified gaps.


Succession Planning

The process of identifying and developing a group of leaders  who are potential successors for important roles.


Organization Capabilities 

When conducting an organizational capabilities assessment, any gaps in required capabilities will be identified, prioritized, and addressed through action plans.


Outside>In Thinking

"Outside-in" thinking encourages multiple perspectives, such as those of key stakeholders, and taking a future-oriented approach when tackling business challenges.


An efficient process of assessment, feedback, development, coaching, and measurement, and including, accelerated development through diverse and challenging assignments.


Workforce Analytics

A set of metrics which measures various aspects of the workforce and workplace used to then improve workforce performance and company execution.

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