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Outside>In Thinking

“Outside-in thinking” is a term coined by Wharton Professor George Day and Duke Fuqua Professor Christine Moorman in their seminal 2010 book, Strategy from the Outside-In: Profiting from Customer Value.

This approach to strategy is especially relevant during periods of significant "VUCA" - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity - as it enables companies to better adapt to rapidly changing market realities.

Why Outside>In Thinking For HR?

As recently as April 2020, 93% of companies indicated that the inability of their operating models to keep up with rapidly changing business environments threatened their very existence. And yet as late as August 2020, 85% of C-suite executives reported a lack of confidence in their operating model’s ability to meet shifting strategic priorities.

Especially in times like these, high performing organizations consistently do certain things better: shift naturally to broader, future-focused perspectives, develop tolerance for 'well-intentioned failures', develop capacity for change leadership, and create competitive advantage with speed and agility.

It's both a C-Suite and HR leadership problem, and the solutions unfortunately don't "grow in the wild".  We can help you chart a realistic path toward improving your organization's capacity to be better prepared for whatever the future holds, starting with thinking from the outside>in.  It's an evolutionary process that must start somewhere.  The consequences are much too great to keep doing what most companies keep doing!

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