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Workforce Solutions that leverage the human factors

“Eighty-five percent of an organization’s success is attributed to “human engineering factors” – i.e., culture, communications, and leadership. Only fifteen percent is due to technical capabilities.”

(Carnegie Mellon University Study

Practical, Proactive Workforce Solutions

Strategic HR Hawaii will help you to leverage that 85% of an organization's success that is derived from its people capabilities - i.e., communication, culture, capabilities, and leadership.  It's not complicated but if it was easy, more organizations would be high performing.


One recent report finds only 36% of organizations have a talent strategy—and a mere 12% align their talent and business strategies!  The first step is to assess the degree of alignment of the talent management and corporate strategies.  Next is to assess organizational capabilities - i.e., do we have the talent to execute the strategy and achieve our strategic intent?

And from there we set direction, priorities, and success measures; and we create the roadmap for your organization to achieve its objectives.

Strategic Workforce Planning


Organizational success depends on having the right employees with the right competencies at the right time. One way to achieve this is a process to assess workforce content and composition to respond to future business needs by analyzing the gap between what a business has in the way of organizational talent and what it needs in the future. One outcome of the process is a plan for addressing the gaps that are identified.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning sq.jpg

Ongoing process of identifying & developing a pool of leaders who can meet current & future business success needs. The process entails facilitating assessment and planning regarding strengths, development needs, potential, career goals, and developmental opportunities for a subset of employees, typically those that are potential successors to incumbents in senior and/or key positions.

Organization Capabilities Diagnosis

Org Capabilities.jpg

These are the collective skills, abilities, and expertise of an organization. They represent what the company is known for, what it is good at doing, and how it patterns activities to deliver value. An organization’s capabilities are what enable it to achieve its strategic intent. If there are gaps in capabilities needed (identified by organizational capabilities assessment), these must be prioritized, and action plans developed to address.

Outside>In Thinking

Outside In Thinking.jpg

Most of our thinking is "inside-out," meaning that we start with an issue as we see it and then explore solutions within that initial mental frame. Outside>In thinking, by contrast, means seeing the issue always from multiple perspectives - for example, by placing yourself in the shoes of key stakeholders and by looking at complex issues more from a future perspective.

Leadership Competency sq.jpg

Best practice leadership development requires these components:

  • Leadership competencies model

  • Effective, efficient process of assessment, feedback, development, coaching, and measurement​

  • Accelerated development that relies on diverse, complex, challenging, uncomfortable assignments

  • Accountability - on the part of the individual and the organization

Workforce Analytics

OHI McKinsey & Company_edited.jpg

Workforce analytics is a combination of metrics that measure many aspects of the workforce and the workplace. The goal of workforce analytics is to measure, understand and improve workforce performance and company execution.  Included is analysis of talent acquisition, retention and engagement, training and development, compensation & benefits as well as efficiency metrics regarding expense, time, and success.

Engagement Options

Flexibility is key.  We will work with you to determine the most appropriate engagement model for your needs.  Consider the following options as a starting point for our discussion.

Hourly / Daily Based

Some needs require only hours or days to complete; we'll work with you to develop a practical plan that achieves your objectives and schedule requirements.

Project / Initiative Based

Some needs are projects with starting and completion points; we'll work with you to understand the specific requirements and provide a solid estimate of time and cost to meet your objectives.

Retainer Based

Some needs are not predictable; sometimes you may want immediate access to support when the need arises, e.g., consultation, advice, sounding board, guidance, or intervention.

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